Dedicated to a Legacy of Leicester Longwool  Sheep

Legacy Longwools

SWF Penelope

SWF Penelope

SWF Penelope is the matriarch of Legacy Longwools. Her genetics, which continue on in the ewe flock, include lines going back to the original sheep that were imported from Tasmania to reintroduce  the previously extinct Leicester Longwool into  the  U.S. 

2018 ewe lamb

We are excited about our 2018 lamb crop, the first lambs from UF Tom.  The goal of our breeding program is to maintain breed standards and produce sheep with exceptional fleeces.

UF Tom

Legacy Longwools purchased UF Tom from Underhill Farm in the fall of 2017.  "Tom"  also continues the original Tasmanian import genetics  and introduces genetics from Australia.